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5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Thailand Food Even More at Bangkok Bold Cooking Studio

You might have overheard a well-travelled fellow raving about the Thailand food’s distinct flavours or read it in countless Thailand food guides and features, and understandably so. Thailand cuisine is something every self-respecting foodie must experience. Bangkok Bold Cooking Studio offers that and more.

Founded by Nhoi Ouypornchaisakul, Bangkok Bold Cooking Studio originally aims to help private Bangkok food restaurants develop recipes. The one-woman project has attracted like-minded individuals who are passionate about the Thailand food culture and travelling. Nowadays, the cooking studio is all about sharing insights and knowledge and learning more about Thailand food and its culture. Read on to know the reasons why Bangkok Bold Cooking Studio will make you love the local food scene even more.

1. They will introduce you to the new level of Thai local food.

One of the best things to do in Bangkok is to try local delicacies. And there’s no better place to indulge in the best food in Thailand than Bangkok Bold Cooking Studio, which offers private chef’s table for six to ten people. Scrumptious traditional Thailand food will be served by an attentive crew and will be cooked in front of the guests.|

Private chef

Experience Thailand food at its finest at Bangkok Bold Cooking Studio. (Photo courtesy:Bangkok Bold)

2. The chef cooks up seven courses of delicious authentic Thai dishes.

The former head of the Four Season’s Spice Market, Chef Supanut “Ann” Kanarak, combines innovative cooking techniques with the use of quality, local ingredients to let guests experience the true taste of traditional Thai cuisine.

Thai food

Thai dishes made from quality, locally sourced ingredients. (Photo courtesy: Bangkok Bold)

3. The team offers daily Thai cooking lessons.

The cooking studio’s tailor-made classes will introduce you to the world of authentic Thailand food. Their April 2017’s joined cooking programs include beginner and intermediate cooking classes. Check out the April schedule here.

cooking lessons

Cooking lessons made fun and easy at the studio. (Photo credit: Bangkok Bold Cooking Studio)

4. Bangkok Bold Cooking Studio will educate you about Thai cuisine and its origin, source ingredients, and culture.

The brilliant team behind the cooking studio was spearheaded by a full-time food consultant, Nhoi. She is passionate about sharing her love for local ingredients and the diverse flavours of traditional Thai dishes with every guest – be it a local or a foreign Thailand traveller.

locally sourced ingredients

Premium quality ingredients that are sourced locally (Photo courtesy: Bangkok Bold)

5. Introducing: The studio’s educational blog

The studio has worked with various small and private restaurants that share the same dedication in sourcing local ingredients and making consistent quality food. Every project, class schedule and cooking blog is posted on their website.


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