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The Great Food Festival: Penutupan yang Sempurna untuk Acara MICE kamu di Singapura

Rumah dari 100 hawker centre yang setiap stannya berjarak kurang dari 3 km ini menjadikan Singapura sebagai pusat hawker centre di dunia. Pada tahun 2018, 39 restoran di Singapura diberikan penghargaan berbintang Michelin dan dua diantaranya adalah stan dari hawker centre. Penduduk lokal Singapura menanggapi makanan mereka dengan serius dan beragam festival makanan telah diadakan […]

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Malaysia Travel Guide: 5 Best Restaurants Near Legoland Johor Bahru

If you have not yet decided where to spend a holiday for your family, what about considering Johor Bahru in Malaysia? Malaysia is a country where many cultures coexist, where diversity in the country has been evident throughout the years. Johor Bahru, one of the largest city in Malaysia is a place where you can […]

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Koh Samui Restaurant: Nommahalai Dessert Café & Restaurant

  Koh Samui is well regarded as one of Thailand’s best islands, home to paradise-like beaches and luxury resorts that are sure to make your holiday vacation one for the books. Along with these island resorts are Koh Samui restaurants to fill you up during your tropical vacation. Opened in July 2017, Nommahalai Dessert Café […]

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Singapore Restaurant: Ba Shu Sichuan Introduces 12 Lunch Set Meals

The Singapore food scene is one of the tastiest and most enticing in the world. As a melting pot of cultures, the city holds such variety that it covers the best of Singapore local food, as well as classic international favourites. From hawker stalls to Michelin-starred restaurants, you can expect a gastronomical journey of flavours […]

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Japan Travel Guide: 6 Must-try Japanese Fast Food Chains

Japan, like any country in the world is home to their very own variety of fast food chains. Ideal for those travelling on a budget or who are always on the go, let our Japan travel guide introduce you to the top 6 Japanese fast food chains to try if you ever find yourself in […]

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