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Jeju Island Attractions: An Island of Natural Heritage Sites

Situated 130km southwest of the Korean Peninsula, Jeju is a volcanic island which formed about two million years ago. The island is small, perfect for those who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. That is why instead of going around the mainland of South Korea, many tourists opt […]

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Jeju Island Attractions: 5 Instagram Worthy Spots in Jeju Island

  Aside from being the land of K-Pop idols and Kdramas, South Korea has been known not only because of those but also because of its beauty. One of the islands that tourists are visiting in South Korea is the Jeju Island, the largest island off the coast of the Korean Peninsula. The island is […]

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Jeju Travel Guide: How much budget do you need for your trip?

Jeju Island, situated off the coast of South Korea is the country’s largest island, also known as their very own Hawaii. Apart from Seoul and Busan, Jeju is probably the next destination most travellers go to, especially during the summer. If you’re thinking of booking a flight to Korea’s volcanic island, here’s our Jeju travel […]

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Jeju Shopping Guide: Must-visit Shopping Centres in Jeju

Jeju in South Korea is known to be the country’s very own Hawaii. Home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Jeju Volcanic Island, it is one of the places to visit in Korea thanks to its breath-taking natural beauty of stunning views, relaxing beaches, hiking trails and volcanic landscapes. But aside from these, Jeju also […]

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Jeju Travel Guide: Everything you need to know about South Korea’s Hawaii

South Korea’s Jeju Island has been named as the country’s very own Hawaii. The largest island in the country is a famous tourist attraction that has long been a favoured honeymoon and holiday destination for both local and international tourists. If you’re one curious traveller as to why Jeju Island’s been making a noise as […]

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