About the Restaurant

An authentic Japanese restaurant serving healthy dishes in the heart of Singapore? Count us in!

Dashi Master Marusaya takes great pride is offering a large selection of healthy, Dashi-based dishes. For the non-epicureans among us, natural Dashi (as opposed to chemically-composed additives) is a key seasoning developed from Katsuboshi (dried bonito) and ingredient in Japanese cooking.

As a result, the stars of the menu are those dishes which make full use of the umami taste of the natural Dashi. For example, the Agemochi Nasu Annkake (Fried Rice Cakes with Mushroom Dashi Gravy) are deep-fried parcels of rice cakes which go perfectly with the thick, flavourful mushroom Dashi gravy, whilst the Japanese Wagyu Beef Dashi Shabu features melt-in-your-mouth slices of beef cooked in a delicately-flavoured Dashi bath. (Apr 2017)