Five Nines (999.99)

It may be an osteria, but with two cutting-edge Japanese chefs in the kitchen, the dining experience at Five Nines (999.99) is Modern European shot through with meticulous Asian flourishes, all this set in a swanky Manhattan-esque dining room that’s sexy and sharp. A plate at Five Nines (999.99) is to be painted with a […]


Serving up Hong Kong-style Chinese cuisine, Lucky8 strives to provide customers with an outstanding gastronomical experience. Located in Orchard at the newly refurbished Shaw Centre, diners are invited to a culinary journey in an atmosphere of peace, abundance and prosperity, that caters perfectly to both business meetings and family get-­‐togethers. The kitchen at Lucky8 is […]

Waterfall Ristorante Italiano

Settled amidst 15 acres of tropical splendour, dining at Waterfall Ristorante Italiano is akin to stepping into a home brimming with rustic elegance and relaxed charm. Although there’s plenty of wood details and decorated tiles that tell an Italian tale, the modern finishes and clean lines prevent the interior from jumping right into kitsch territory. […]

The Rose Veranda

Located at the mezzanine level of Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore in Orchard, The Rose Veranda is the epitome of elegance. Despite the hotel’s central position in the heart of town, the restaurant, known for their high tea offerings, has an ambience that is serene and soothing, allowing patrons to dine in plush comfort. The High Tea […]

Fat Cow

After entering through the driveway of Camden Medical Centre, you emerge into a sexy, jazz-infused space done up with marvelous, dark-wood interiors, and the rich aromas of whisky intermingled with beautifully-aged steaks. It’s a vision of paradise, and Fat Cow delivers on that promise. One of the most beloved high-end restaurants in town, specialising in […]

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