JUMBO Seafood (East Coast)

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99 Bistro & Kitchen

From its name, derived from a number significant to Islam, to the guiding values that form the acronym QURAN, 99 Bistro & Kitchen is rife with layers of meaning that would especially appeal to Muslim diners. This halal joint provides the kind of bistro space that’s excellent for takeaways, quick meals, and casual gatherings. Fill […]

Restaurant Labyrinth

Restaurant Labyrinth has been awarded 1 Michelin Star. Chope has partnered with Michelin as the Official Reservation System Provider to help you make reservations instantly. Don’t miss the chance to experience a Michelin-awarded restaurant.

Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant

As Singapore seafood outlets go, Palm Beach Seafood is not a restaurant, it’s an institution. Established in 1956, and widely credited in the contested race of who was creator of the Singapore Chili Crab, Palm Beach has perfected its recipes and service over its long tenure. Whether you frequented the East Coast outlet back in […]


Redpan serves the finest Singapore local food with a twist of creativity and modernity. If you want to discover more about Singapore local flavour don’t forget to drop by at this restaurant.

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