About Travel 141

About Travel 141

Travel141 About us

Travel 141 is your local travel guide in Asia!

It was founded in 2016, Travel 141 has published numerous articles featuring suggested destinations as well as things to do in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and the rest of Southeast Asia.

At Travel 141, we believe that our local writers provide useful travel guides and tips, restaurant listings and bookings, as well as finding popular and out of the ordinary attractions and many more. We would like to be a source of inspiration and guidance for every person to live his or her dream to travel and explore Asia – getting to know historical places and learning cultural backgrounds of each and every nation.

Aside from famous attractions and must-try local food, we also talk about travel necessities such as transportation, visa related information and travel insurance – making sure we cover every aspect of a fun and safe travel experience for everyone.

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Aside from English, Travel 141 is also available in four different languages.

www.travel141.cn (Simplified Chinese)

www.travel141.id.hk (Traditional Chinese)

www.travel141.co.kr (Korean)

www.th.travel141.id  (Thai)

Travel 141 Story

The inspiration that led to creating Travel 141 is to share to the world the beauty waiting to be discovered in every corner of Asia. To satisfy every traveler’s craving for an exciting adventure, the thirst for a fascinating experience and the hunger for new places to land their feet into.

Our vision is to inspire people to keep traveling the world, to keep exploring new heights and keep making new decisions to hop on a plane, sail on a boat and walk through unfamiliar cities. Every new experience brings you new memories. So keep collecting those passport stamps, keep taking those travel selfies and keep booking that plane ticket – facing a new adventure is a way to keep living your life.

When people ask who is Travel 141, we would like to be known as more than just a travel blog, but rather an inspiration to live more, travel more and explore more.

Our goal is to give the travel audiences a chance to experience every destination the way locals do, to be able to provide a more cultural and meaningful travel experience through each of our travel articles.

For Press Releases or editorial support, you may email us at editors@travel141.id.
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